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Epay® Master Card® Prepaid Card is a simple, secure and convenient way to manage your money.

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Quick use

Get your money into your epay® Master Card® Prepaid Card account quickly

Direct Deposits

A convenient way to add money to your epay® Master Card® Prepaid Card.

Mobile App

Add Cash directly from your mobile phone (epay® mobile app) in minutes.

Shop anywhere

Pay your bills online or withdraw cash from ATM´s

One account

Enjoy the freedom to handle your finances all from one account.

No hidden fees

No Credit Check

No Minimum Balance

Our Services

Prepaid card

Prepaid card

A reloadable prepaid card with the convenience, freedom and control you need to manage your money.

Payroll card

Payroll card

You don´t need to open a bank account, no more waiting for checks to clear and no expensive check-cashing fees

The epay® Master Card® Payroll Card is the safest, secure and instant access to your pay, anytime and everywhere.



Stay in control!

With your epay® Master Card® Cards and our epay® mobile app you can easily keep track of every dime.